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We import, select and toast...

From the beginning of our activity and guided by the zeal to do a good coffee, we mix the best qualities of green coffee to obtain the proposed result.

We buy the best coffees in the stock exchanges of New York and London. Once requested the sample of the coffee, our Department of Quality takes charge realizing the trying and if they found some deficiency, it is rejected and new samples of coffee are asked.

To support the quality of the coffee, once selected the same one, we go on to the process totally automated of toast and mix. For it we rely on German machinery of last generation that allows us to obtain the ideal flavor of our products.

Following this line of guaranteeing the quality, we take care to the maximum of everything related to them same. The decaffeinated coffee which projection is every time major, we send it to Hamburg (Germany) where they satisfy all our requirements in the process of descafeinización.

As well, we are equal of demanding in the production of the torrefacto (coffee and sugar). Toasting the coffee to approximately 200 º we add 12 % of sugar of the first quality which dissolves and forms a peculiar layer of azucar burned, giving him a strong flavor that the lovers of this coffee estimate with pleasure.

To give an ideal service, actually Cafés Durban has a fleet of 24 vehicles of distribution and promotion. With it, we obtain an annual sale of more than 700.000 Kgrs. to the year of toasted coffee in bars and cafes.